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MEMS Gyro - Maturity assessment of performance and integration


"The program MEMS MATURITY has four goals:
1/ To miniaturize the high performance gyro cell, Gyrix, of the SFWA (Smart Fixed Wings Aircraft) partner
2/ To identify the critical paramaters of the process that influence the cell performance
3/ To assess the impact of the variability of the critical parameters on the cell performance
4/ To optimize the process for a repeatable manufacturing and to deliver 20 optimized Gyro cells to evaluate their performances in the sensor operational environment together with the SFWA partner.

To reach these goals, TRONICS will use and improve the best state-of-the-art technology for high-performance low-drift inertial sensors. Its main features are:
• Mechanical structures achieved in thick (> 60 µm) single crystal material, starting from thick SOI substrate.
• Mechanical structures etched, in the top thick SOI layer, using a notch-free, highly-vertical, accurate (<0.2 µm accuracy) Deep Reactive Ion Etching (DRIE) process, thanks to the latest generation of DRIE processes.
• Wafer level packaging of the MEMS structure with a silicon cap, bonded through Silicon Direct Bonding, Si-Si or Si-SiO2-Si, avoiding any intermediate heterogeneous material such as a metal sealing.
• Stable high-vacuum environment ensured thanks to long-term-stable high-vacuum (<10-3 mbar) ceramic package, including getter technology that maintain performance over the product lifetime (lifetime > 20 years).
• Die-attach of the MEMS chip in the package with non-degasing metallic alloy preform, and stress decoupling structures.

TRONICS has defined a complete work plan to adress the main goals of the program. The overall final objective of this program is also to develop an industial manufacturing environement for the Gyrix cell object of this program. This environement should meet the performances needed for civil aeronautic applications.
Durring this program, TRONICS will also improve the maturity of the Gyrix cell to bring it to a TRL5 level."

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Tronics microsystems SA
Pre de l horme 55
38920 Crolles

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Stephane Renard (Dr.)
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