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High Strength Aluminium Alloy parts by Selective Laser Melting


The Hi-StA-Part project aims to demonstrate the viability to produce aerospace grade aluminium parts using Direct Manufacture (DM) – specifically the process of Selective Laser Melting (SLM). The project will demonstrate that components and parts can be manufactured with a significant weight reduction, to the required mechanical properties for aerospace applications.

The strategy of the project is to investigate the SLM processing of existing 7xxx (7075) series alloy powder and also using AlSc (Scalmalloy ) material, which has been developed outside of the project, for processing by SLM. The 7075 Al alloy material will be used to build mechanical test specimens using a state of the art 1kW SLM system (by partner TWI). As part of this activity, we will investigate ‘part optimisation’; whereby part weight and materials usage can be minimised to show the true benefit of manufacturing by SLM. EADS Apworks will use their own procedures and SLM systems to produce tensile, fatigue and corrosion specimens using AlSc powder material.
Throughout the project energy and raw material usage will be monitored, allowing a true and accurate comparison of the SLM process against existing manufacturing techniques to be undertaken as part of the project.

By successfully achieving the aims of this project – we will demonstrate the potential for DM to manufacture Al alloy components to TRL 6. This will significantly help to maintain and improve the competiveness of the European aerospace sector.

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JTI-CS - Joint Technology Initiatives - Clean Sky


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