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URBAN RECREATION: Energy efficient retrofit for carbon zero and socio-oriented urban environments


Appropriate strategies to reduce energy consumption, increase Renewable Energy Sources (RES) penetration within local urban ecosystems seems to be the high priorities towards low carbon cities. In this context urban canyons (UCs) represent the core of the search for new intersections between energy issues and urban dwellers.
The goal of the proposal is to demonstrate the techno-economical and social feasibility of zero energy-zero emission retrofit in existing UCs. To reach this aim the research will:
- Develop a model which spatially depicts the energy of a selected urban area as a contribution to the mapping of the city energy consumption. The principles of the model -based on the city discretization into homogeneous districts characterised by several UC types- will be applicable to other districts and cities.
- Study and evaluate the energy demand/potential of the UCs by designing –in different steps of actions- retrofitted scenarios to achieve carbon neutral UCs. The study will evaluate different solutions to diffusely integrate available technologies within UCs;
- Promote further actions to fill the knowledge gap among low carbon techniques and their adoption at social and community city level.
To investigate the validity of hypothesis, the overall aim is sub-divided into the objectives: 1) Urban discretized model; 2) Energy demand in the UCs; 3) Energy saving potential of UCs by passive and RES; 4) Zero Energy-Zero onsite emissions in the UCs, where additional energy savings production by synergies between passive and active systems will be addressed; 5) Overcoming existing constraints; 6) Outreach initiatives to apply retrofitting actions within real UCs.
The study of energy potential of UCs will involve both stakeholders at public level and business economic actors/SMEs connected to GRBES-NKUA; these studies (4) will produce added value both to RES penetration into the market and to existing building and RES components’ turning into renewed/new products.

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6 Christou Lada Str
10561 Athina
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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€ 140 828,40
Administrative Contact
Efstathia Kafentzi (Mrs.)