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Ultra Wideband Radio application for localisation of hidden people and detection of unauthorised objects


The goal of the project is to support four SMEs to become more innovative, to adapt their technology, to develop transnational cooperation and to extend their co-operative relations. These goals are to be achieved in the specific area of wideband radio for the detection of hidden people and objects. All the SMEs are innovative in their own right and together they wish to bring new products to the market utilising a world patented technique for ultra wideband technology called the Maximum Length Binary Sequence technology. The SMEs require the support of leading universities as RTD providers in order to develop the best data extraction techniques for through wall imaging products and through dress imaging products, to advise on hardware development and in general to give a "push" to the development process with their expertise and capacity.
The SMEs intend to sell the products to the security and rescue markets. There are a handful of organisations in the world that provide ultra wideband products most of which are in the USA. The SMEs in the project should be supported in order to help ensure Europe capitalises on the knowledge and expertise which it has for ultra wideband technology which is proving to be more and more suitable for varying applications.

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