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Helical Alleno-Acetylenic Oligomers with High Chiroptical Activity


"The principal goal of this proposed Marie Curie project is to develop a new class of structurally-stable chiral macromolecules—alleno acetylenic oligomers—with an all-carbon backbone and rigid helical secondary structure that will result in high optical activity. We wish to explore and attain a thorough understanding of the factors that allow a significant increase in the optical activity of these materials. This will be achieved by stabilizing their secondary helical structure by the means described below in the proposal, and by forming assemblies of these helices to yield superstructures, in which the optical activity will be increased as a result of cooperative effects. This research project will provide an innovative route for the synthesis of new structurally-stable helical foldamers, where several strategies will be applied: (i) covalent crosslinking using ring closure metathesis (RMC), (ii) non-covalent cross linking using hydrogen and halogen bonding, (iii) coordinative cross linking, (iv) solvophobic interaction – using various solubilizing groups. Considering the high chiral activity reported for the parent oligomer, the structural stabilization of the crosslinked oligomers and the formation of ordered superstructures are expected to result in novel, optically active oligomeric geometries with record-high chiral activities."

Call for proposal

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Raemistrasse 101
8092 Zuerich
Activity type
Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
EU contribution
€ 192 622,20
Administrative Contact
François Nico Diederich (Prof.)