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Synthetic nicotinamide cofactors for new and improved biocatalytic processes

Final Report Summary - BIOMIMIC (Synthetic nicotinamide cofactors for new and improved biocatalytic processes)

BIOMIMIC was a Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship funded under the European Union through the Seventh Framework People Programme (FP7-PEOPLE-2012-IEF). The overall objective was to enhance the use of cofactor-dependent enzymes for wider use in white biotechnology, thus impacting the European research area. The BIOMIMIC research project was carried out by Dr. Caroline E. Paul with Dr. Frank Hollmann at the Department of Biotechnology at Delft University of Technology.
BIOMIMIC had a major impact in the biocatalysis community in academia as well as in industry. Major positive feedback from publications and conference presentations led to various productive and successful collaborations with other international research groups. Additional, the company Enzymicals AG has commercialised one of the cofactor analogues produced, making the results of this project commercially available for wider use.
A Wikipedia webpage was created to inform the public about nicotinamide cofactor analogues and a link to the current publications. Moreover, the magazine International Innovations, disseminating science, research and technology, featured the profile of the research investigators and the importance of the BIOMIMIC research project.
BIOMIMIC, by supporting the career development of the postdoctoral fellow, has enhanced her individual competence diversification in terms of skill acquisition at a multidisciplinary level.
BIOMIMIC resulted in many accomplishments, among which a prestigious poster award at the international conference BIOTRANS 2013; an informative Wikipedia page; national and international collaborations were established and led to fruitful publications; a partnership with the company Enzymicals AG led to the commercialisation of one mNADH analogue, 1-benzyl-1,4-dihydronicotinamide (BNAH). The researcher’s skills were developed through cutting edge research at TU Delft with close national, international and industrial collaborations.
As a result of BIOMIMIC, the mNADHs synthetic analogues have been sent around the world to research group and were widely recognised both in academia and industry as better alternatives to natural cofactors. The contribution of BIOMIMIC to white biotechnology will enhance the use of enzymes for the sustainability of the industrial European Area. The high level of peer-reviewed publications in high impact factor journals in addition to the many oral and poster presentations at internationally recognised conferences in the field shows the success of BIOMIMIC.