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Autonomous BRAking for Motorcycles


Mobility is vital for the quality of life of citizens as they enjoy their freedom to travel. According to the White Paper on Transportation (2011) efficient transport is a great goal for the European Commission.
The ABRAM project aims to contribute to the safety issue associated to the use of motorcycles and mopeds by supporting the development of one of the most promising safety functionalities for PTWs being the Motorcycle Autonomous Emergency Braking system (MAEB). MAEB represents an innovative safety device in the field of PTWs since the theoretical applicability was proved and the potential in terms of safety started to be investigated with promising results. Nevertheless this technology is not mature yet for PTW application. In this project the major scientific issues linked to the implementation of the autonomous braking on PTWs will be addressed. In particular, the potential benefit offered by the MAEB in terms of increased road safety for motorcyclists in urban and rural areas, the technical requirements of such a system, the critical aspects for a widespread application, with special emphasis on the human related factors will be investigated. Those goals will be achieved involving multi-disciplinary expertise as well as top level facilities offered by the outgoing and return host institution, respectively MUARC and UNIFI, using a wide range of approaches: in-depth and statistical crash analyses, experimental investigations involving volunteers, on-road testing with instrumented vehicles, simulations in virtual environment with the support of a state of the art riding simulator, comprehensive safety system design and final global assessment. In ABRAM, current gaps in understanding of rider behaviour, its implementation in safety technology and the effects of improved methods and technology will be filled. The research of ABRAM will make PTW use safer in order to position it as an improved transport solution for high efficient personal mobility.

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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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Marco Pierini (Prof.)
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€ 269 918,40