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Discovering Quorum sensing in industrially useful Fungi, a novel approach at molecular level for scaling-up in white biotech


Fungi have proved to be a source of bioactive natural products and industrially important target products such as:
(i). Enzymes,
(ii). Bioplastics,
(iii). Bio-dyes,
(iv). Vitamins

The overall aim of this proposal is to use nanotechnology using natural molecules involved in fungal cell communications and mini-scale process parameters, to maintain and improve productivity for the white biotech industry of the commercially important bioproduct, and particularly laccases. The specific objectives of this proposal are: Using a Quorum Sensing approach at nano-scale for better understanding of biosynthesis of the industrially important target products; Quorum sensing and signal transduction in relation to fungal physiology and morphology in agitated systems; Comparative analyses of fungal cell communication in small and large scale submerged fermentations; The relevance and interrelation of traditional scale-up factors to quorum sensing in fungal cultures. The QUORUM project is based on a multidisciplinary approach, and builds a dynamic relation between 8 partners (1 SME and 7 Universities and Research Centres) from 7 countries.

The QUORUM project will enhance competitiveness and sustainability of European industries by the development of leading edge advances i n environmentally respectful, energy efficiency, resource efficient processes and product technology. Two main technology innovation areas are concerned: enzymes and fine chemical productions. The QUORUM project will lead to a positive impact on economy through new/increased added value products, a beneficial impact on environmental issues, and new production models -based on knowledge- to replace trial error, will be proposed to the industrial biotechnology sector in the value chain.

The QUORUM project will support the "Action Plan for environmental technology" (COM 131-2003) as well as the "Life sciences and biotechnology: a strategy for Europe" (COM 27-2002).

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