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Advanced Regenerator Technologies for high Capacity Systems


Today’s information society relies to an unprecedented extend on broadband communication solutions. The necessity to meet the steadily growing volume and bandwidth demand of those data services while simultaneously reducing the cost per transmitted bit has driven an enormous interest in technologies that increase system reach and aggregate transport capacity. All-optical regeneration may play a vital role as it offers a low cost and energy efficient alternative to opto-electronic repeaters for preventing the accumulation of transmission impairments and improving the system length
ARTISTE project targets disruptive all-optical signal regeneration approaches to unlock the capacity of future information systems by enabling transmission of highly spectral efficient signals beyond their linear Shannon limits. The proposed concepts will be implemented using the phase sensitive amplifier as underlying technology platform along with optimized highly nonlinear fibre and semiconductor optical amplifier devices. ARTISTE approach ensures compatibility with existing fibre deployments and smooth migration towards robust and energy-efficient communication infrastructures beyond tomorrow.
The aforementioned challenges require researchers highly trained in a number of relevant disciplines ranging from nonlinear science to high-speed optical communication techniques. This fellowship will provide a gifted early career researcher with the opportunity to train at one of the foremost research centers in optical communication, the Aston Institute of Photonics Technology (AITP). The AIPT will provide a suite of scientific and complementary training in to enable the fellow become a research leader in this challenging area of enormous practical relevance. The fellow will also work with a range of industry co-hosts who will enable him to appreciate the inter-sectoral elements of the problem, increase his network and fully understand the European dimension of optical communication research.

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Aston Triangle
B4 7ET Birmingham
United Kingdom
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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€ 299 558,40
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Paula Deenah (Mr.)