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Monolithic above in ultra high value capacitors for mobile and wireless communication systems


The growing complexity of mobile communication and wireless devices has resulted in a growing and important requirement for low cost, low consumption and reduced size microelectronic and microsystem components in these products. This requires a high level of integration and poses significant challenges at all technology steps from materials through processing to packaging. The goal of CAMELIA (Monolithic Above IC Ultra High Value Capacitors for Mobile and Wireless Communication Systems) is to respond to this technology integration challenge in the specific area of capacitor technology. This is a critical area for future product innovation within the Information and Communications Technologies sector. For example, in a mobile phone, 80% of the surface is devoted to single passive components and especially capacitors.

The main targeted application of CAMELIA is on-chip capacitors. By fabricating thin-film capacitors on-chip, one gains not only high-frequency decoupling capacitors, but also space saving, and significant improvements in performance over discrete chip capacitors. CAMELIA addresses the above challenge of manufacturing a thin film, high capacitance, above chip (hence low temperature) capacitor component by developing a novel low-cost ferroelectric multi-component oxide based materials science and processing technology, enabling the integration of decoupling capacitors with a very small form factor in an above-IC strategy for System on Chip and wireless microsystems.

The overall aim of CAMELIA is to research and develop a novel low temperature (#lt;400oC) high k (above 2000) dielectric material and processing technology for future high density or ultra low profile MIM (Metal/Insulator/Metal) decoupling capacitor applications. To the best of our knowledge, this has not been demonstrated to-date.

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