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Support for Sustainable Transport Research in Slovakia (SURFTRAN)


The strategic objective to be reached is the integration and strengthening of the ERA in Sustainable surface transport area. Project will enable Slovak transport research community; producers and operators play a stronger role in European research,such as participation in the 6th FP, Technology Platforms and other forums. To reach this objective, mapping of national transport research, producers and operators and investigation of its strengths and weaknesses will be performed. Networking of researchers, policy makers, industry and operators at national level will be improved by provision of means for information exchange. Critical mass, necessary for active role in shaping of national and influencing of international policies will be gathered. Key players will be better prepared for a successful participation in EU research activities through information dissemination on strategic EU documents and actions. Connection to EU networks will be improved. The instruments to be used are: -Dissemination of information at conferences and workshops with participation of researchers, producers and operators from Slovakia, ACC and EU networks representatives; -Organisation of brokerage events in cooperation with NCPs, to provide opportunity for information exchange, coordination of activities in view of participation particularly in FP6 projects; -Evaluation of the research policies, concentrating on issues of sustainability, environment, efficiency, aimed at their definition and impact evaluation; -Creation of detailed databases of researchers and research institutions, producers, developers and potential users of project results in the relevant area in Slovakia; -Recognition and networking of research centres, support for the networks´ operation involving priority themes, with the aim to mobilise all resources in order to disseminate organisational and scientific information as well as the results of research;improved communication.

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