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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Synthesis and nanotechnologial application of tethered silicates


Molecular events occurring at the nano-scale impact on the macroscopic level in many different areas and rules for nano-scale manufacture are important to understand. The SANTS project will improve knowledge in nano-scale manufacturing and create new molecular materials for both biosensors and bio-catalysed synthetic chemistry, using techniques inspired by natural biosilication processes.

The project is based on proven observations that natural silaffin proteins, synthetic peptides based upon them and synthetic peptide mimics are able to efficiently catalyse biosilication. One key project innovation is to engineer and covalently tether these peptides and peptide mimics to gold or other materials to create self-assembling nano-structured biocatalytic and biosensor surfaces.

The project targets NMP-2004- "Using nature as a model for new nano-technology based processes"; NMP-2004- "3D nano-structures based on elements other than carbon" and NMP-2004- "Interfacial phenomena in materials". The project goes beyond the state of the art in many areas involving synthesis of spontaneous self-assembling precursors to immobilise enzymes, including multifunctional enzyme cascades, giving significant strategic impact for the EU i n nanoscale manufacturing and addressing community societal objectives in two distinct ways. 1) the production of new sensors for environmental, healthcare and process industry targets, e.g. OP pestcides/ stroke markers and 2) new stable and efficient biocatalysts that will impact the EU's sustainable chemical policy of moving towards greener chemical production.

The project is structured into 8 work-packages including peptide and peptide mimic production that initiate nano-structured silicate formation, enzyme immobilisation for biocatalyst and nano-structured sensors, micro-fluidics and characterisation of the interfacial interactions and 3D structures produced and involves a world class team of 8 partners.


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