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Advanced measurement tool for nano particles size in deposition processing


The present project aims at developing an on-line gas phase nano particle measurement tool that can be used for various manufacturing processes in the nano-technology domain. Specifically, within NANOPRIM, the particle sizing measurement apparatus will be designed, developed and then integrated into a unique nanoparticle deposition process of nanocrystalline layers for the fabrication of novel catalytic sensors. These sensors were demonstrated to have a high sensitivity in detecting gas, but with the current end-of-line measurement of the ready deposited layer, the response is ambiguous and the layer is vulnerable to aggregation.

The characterisation tool will enable a radical improvement of the deposition process because none of the state of the art methods and tools are nowadays able to measure gas phase particles of 5-20nm size, even in case of low-density. This improvement will led to many applications among which applications in the automotive industry, as defined by FIAT RC, member of this consortium.

This project will explore a new frontier of knowledge by:
-understanding and controlling the fundamental mechanisms underlying the growth and the dynamics of nanoparticles in the gas phase by characterizing cluster beams with optical methods.
-integrating two different and complementary methodological approaches (aerosol and cluster beams), under precise on-line monitoring, to attain a fundamental understanding of the mechanisms of production, modification, manipulation of nanoparticles in the gas phase.

Long term innovation will be promoted by the development and implementation of a ground-breaking enabling technology based on gas phase nanoparticle integration in different manufacturing processes that are necessary for a wide range of industries in the product manufacturing domain.

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