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Europe - China Cooperation in Green Electronics Production Research


The objective of this project is to establish improved collaboration in the research between China and Europe in the area of Green electronics. The project aims at mobilisation of crucial actors and stimulation of high-level debate and cooperation on the development and promotion of Green electronics products and production processes. This will be achieved through formation of research teams, establishment of a dedicated Centre of Excellence in China, and organisation of two international conferences dedicated to this issue. Dedicated workshops and seminars will be organised in connection with the conferences, with presentations, demonstrations and exchange of Best Practices in Europe and China. The project aims at achieving new collaborative constellations in the form of teams and partnerships with researchers, industry, and authorities in China and Europe.

The project will also establish a dedicated Centre of Excellence in Shanghai in order to facilitate events organisation at first, and then promote the project themes beyond the project period on a self-sustainable basis in China. The project is targeted at large industrial actors, politicians, at both regional and national level; another key decision makers who use, develop and promote Green electronics in their countries.

The consortium, coordinated by WNRI, comprise of 6 Partners (WNRI, SU, LU, ITR, CTU, Conpart) ensuring complementary skills and coverage for the project tasks. Project management relies on a highly structured approach (straightforward definition of roles plus clear and stables lines of communication) while maintaining sufficient flexibility to accommodate the diverse needs and constraints of all parties involved (EU, regulators, research communities, industrial companies and other stakeholders). The workplan extends over 24 months, and the total costs amounts to " 904 314, including " 790 354 for labour costs, corresponding to 96.7 person months.

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