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Organic-Ferromagnetic hybrid interfaces for Spintronic applications


To ensure the long-term advancement of information technology, radically new concepts, materials and processing methods are required to circumvent the fundamental limitations of traditional, silicon-based electronics. One of the most promising approaches is to explicitly exploit the spin of charge carriers in spin electronics, or spintronics. In this rapidly expanding field, there is a strong need for the development of novel, multifunctional materials and (hybrid) heterostructures with desirable magnetic and transport properties. Organic semiconductors, which form the basis of the by now well established field of organic electronics, are especially promising for spintronics applications, not in the least due to the low spin-scattering amplitudes attainable in these materials.

As we learned from the development of organic electronics, understanding and tuning the properties of hybrid inorganic-organic interfaces is of fundamental importance for the optimisation of device performance and stability. OFS PIN specifically aims at the development of new knowledge in the field of organic-inorganic based multifunctional materials combining unusual magnetic, electric and optical properties. This proposal is strongly motivated by the recent results obtained in the field of Organic Spintronics, were the pioneering role of Europe was established by two of the presenting partners in OFSPIN. The project will build the knowledge foundations necessary for the development of an interdisciplinary technology based on novel organic and inorganic functional materials, that will evolve into a sustainable technological platform for spintronics and quantum computing.

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