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Analog Photonic Information Processing Modules


"All-optical techniques for signal processing have attracted considerable attention in recent years. An important optical component in these techniques is the programmable transfer function (TF) optical filter. Optical filters with a variety of TF have been proposed. However, programmability of arbitrary TF has not been addressed adequately in the international research community. In this project, we will design and demonstrate a programmable TF optical filter based on a Michelson Gires-Turnois interferometer in which the Gires-Turnois resonators (GTR) are realized by pairs of fiber-loop mirrors (FLM). The approach involves theoretical analysis and modeling, as well as experimental demonstration. This optical filter can realize programmable arbitrary TFs by simple controls of FLM reflectivity (via the polarization controllers), and the cavity length of the fiber based GTRs using programmable delay lines. Fiber optic based circuits will be built to evaluate the model and characterize the filters performance. The project will also explore the potential to fabricate the programmable TF optical filter in photonic integrated circuit (PIC) platform to realize more compact and robust designs. This will involve the fabrication of the individual elemental building blocks of the device and their integration in a single platform. Finally, the all-optical fiber based filter will be integrated in a larger system to demonstrate photonic signal processing functionalities. The project will benefit the fellow in establishing a laboratory in the host institution, which will be built and equipped with the help of the host institution. This laboratory will (a) allow the fellow to support additional proposals within the EU; (b) enable researchers from the host institution and beyond to be involved in experimental research activities, bringing together people from different disciplines (e.g. optics, photonics, microwave, signal processing etc)."

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Mesogion 227-231
15500 Holargos, Athens
Activity type
Public bodies (excluding Research Organisations and Secondary or Higher Education Establishments)
EU contribution
€ 100 000
Administrative Contact
Georgios Delis (Mr.)