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Dynamic Response and Instability of Seabed-Coastal Structure Systems under Waves


"Marine infrastructure plays a vital role in relation to energy, environment and sustainable development. Coastal and offshore structures built to protect coastal regions and to provide renewable energy, constitute a significant part of marine infrastructure in Europe. The need for such structures is expected to grow rapidly in the future due to increase in magnitude and frequency of storms, the alarming trends in global energy demand and finite nature of oil and gas. While there is the issue of designing safer structures for coastal protection, there is also the need for more renewable energy such as placing more wind farms. Hence, design and analysis of such structures under cyclic and breaking waves that cause instabilities in these systems is of huge concern. Geotechnical aspects play a significant role in the initiation of these instabilities, particularly the dynamic response of seabed around these structures is necessary to mitigate associated hazard. Although progress has been made towards understanding of these processes and their impact on the stability of marine infrastructure, there still remains a significant need for a comprehensive study to understand the underlying mechanics, formulate models and develop computational tools for the response and instability of seabed-structure systems. The objective of the proposed project is to evaluate cyclic and breaking wave-induced response and instability of seabed around rubble-mound breakwaters and offshore wind turbines by providing solutions to wave-soil-structure interaction problem. The objectives will be achieved with a set of tasks to be completed through a stepwise process of developing mathematical formulations and solving numerical models which will be verified with available tests. This way, the main scientific aspects of the problem will be studied and design solutions will be provided. The results are expected to be valued by many engineers, researchers, students and public in this field in Europe."

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Funding Scheme

MC-CIG - Support for training and career development of researcher (CIG)


Ayazaga Kampusu
34469 Maslak Istanbul
Activity type
Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
EU contribution
€ 100 000
Administrative Contact
Ayfer Erken (Prof.)