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Leading European RTD Sustained High Value Innovative Production for Manufuture

Final Report Summary - LEADERSHIP (Leading European RTD Sustained High Value Innovative Production for Manufuture)

The LEADERSHIP project intended to provide support for policymakers, industries, researchers and other stakeholders through developing new approaches to assist the European manufacturing industry's transition towards a K-based competitive and sustainable stage.

The core of the project was the development, integration and use of research and technological development (RTD) roadmaps as strategic pathways and tools for the management of innovation in the EU manufacturing industry, together with the pertinent activities in the context of the European Technology Platform ManuFuture.

These roadmaps develop the ManuFuture strategic RTD areas for the selected important European industrial sectors and provide topics usable for the definition of RTD areas in research programmes at European or national / regional levels, as appropriate. The sectors have been involved through extended coordination with: key industrial players in 25 manufacturing sectors and the industrial automation industries, key RTD areas outcomes from other roadmapping initiatives.

Applying the demand driven approach, the roadmappers elaborated sectoral and transectoral roadmaps, mapping the content of technology fact sheets and the results of industry interviews caught from questionnaires, workshops and seminars. Each roadmap, trans-sectoral and sectoral, is mapped on a 9 year time scale that spans from 2007 to 2015, applying the same time scale as in the standard questionnaire for interviews. A demand-driven study to finalise the industry survey carried on, aiming to outline and to rank the sectors expectations emerged from the survey of key opinion leaders from about 125 companies and from sectoral roadmaps of the 25 manufacturing sectors of the LEADERSHIP project.

The project website provided strong support to the project activities. The initial investment in design and development, operation and maintenance of the project website turned it into an essential cooperative working tool for repository of materials, roadmapping and work package (WP) management and project management. Dissemination has been carried on with the organisation of dedicated events, roadmapper meetings, consultation workshops, seminars and conferences at European and partners' level, public or restricted. Dissemination of knowledge has been carried on through conference presentation and papers.

The core of this work is represented by events and workshops for the validation and assessment. The presentation of the LEADERSHIP project in external situations has been also carried on. Periodic reporting has been provided to the president of the ManuFuture Platform.