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Exact Results in Quantum Field Theory

Final Report Summary - EXQFT (Exact Results in Quantum Field Theory)

Quantum Field Theories describe phenomena which involve fluctuations (thermal or quantum) and that are highly symmetric.
Many interesting physical phenomena are described by Quantum Field Theory, e.g. ranging from superfluidity to quark confinement.
In this proposal we developed new tools to analyze Quantum Field Theories. We have found new general non-perturbative properties of such theories. For example, we have shown that super-symmetric Quantum Field Theories allow for the exact computation of some interesting observables, such as the metric in theory space and radiation coefficients. We have also found new exact properties of Yang-Mills theory and Quantum Field Theories that describe interesting condensed matter systems such as Quantum Anti-Ferromagnets. Finally, we have made progress on long-standing questions concerning the symmetries of Quantum Field Theories in the long wavelength limit.