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International Conference on Advanced Metallic Materials and Their Joining

Final Report Summary - MATJOINCONF (International Conference on Advanced Metallic Materials and Their Joining)

The primary objective of MATJOINCONF project was to organise the international conference 'Advanced metallic materials and their joining' in Bratislava, Slovakia that would involve researchers and industry representatives from Associated Candidate Countries (ACCs) and Member States (MSs). The conference enabled personal meetings, new contacts and the exchange of the most recent knowledge between the researchers and industry representatives.

In addition, a series of parallel specialised sessions and workshops took place to discuss:
a) priority themes for new research projects in the field of advanced steels (high-strength, creep-resistant, stainless), advanced non-ferrous materials (high-strength alloys of Al and Mg, foam Al) and composites, new techniques and technologies for joining of high-performance structural materials and new structural components of higher reliability within their whole life cycle;
b) needs of industry with a specific stress on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in ACCs in the area of exploitation of novel advanced structural materials and methods of their joining in new production processes;
c) general questions of cooperation between researchers from both ACCs and MSs with the aim to establish consortia especially for IP and NE.

The benefits of the event were proposals for new research projects within the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6) solved by consortia of researchers from ACCs and MSs. In total there were 54 oral papers and 33 posters. From them 15 keynote papers were presented by invited authors. The conference and follow up workshop was attended by 143 participants from 14 European countries and from Japan. Information about the conference has been disseminated by means of printed announcements, brief information, websites such as and welding journals and media briefings.