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Scientix 2


"The objective of this Scientix 2 proposal is twofold. On the one hand to ensure the continuation/adaptation of the successful current Scientix activities (already managed by EUN Partnership aisbl on behalf of DG Research & Innovation under the Science and Society programme); on the other, to enhance communication and community-building, and help support the development of national strategies for wide uptake and dissemination of inquiry-based science and maths education (IBSME), and other science education methods.
The present proposal is based on the first and fifth recommendations of the report ""'Science Education Now; A Renewed Pedagogy for the Future of Europe' (Rocard – 2007) which calls for more active involvement of Member States in the renewal of science education as well as better articulation between national activities and those occurring at European level.
This proposal intends to help promote strategies for the uptake and dissemination of IBSME and other methodologies known to improve the quality of science education, and to continue to develop effective community-building among science education stakeholders, drawing on the results and lessons learnt during Scientix 1.
More specifically, the continuation and adaptation of the current Scientix activities will include the technical maintenance and hosting of the Scientix Internet platform, as well as (1) new features such as content search, adaptation, translation (including at least two additional EU languages), and user uploading possibilities to all sections, (2) a revised dissemination strategy (comprising newsletters, presentations at events, workshops), (3) translation of teaching material for the widest dissemination of best practices, (4) the organization of one major European conference to be held in Brussels, and (5) the production of communication materials (flyers, brochures etc.)."

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Rue De Treves 61
1040 Bruxelles
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€ 6 000 000
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Marc Durando (Mr.)