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Electrical Machine Magnetic Properties Characterisation Setup for Aerospace Application


"Magnetic materials influence with their magnetic properties the performance and efficiency of electrical machines strongly. Design and construction of those electrical machines are influenced and optimized by choosing the material which fits best.

To do this up to now only the standard measuring techniques described in international standards are mainly available. Existing set-ups provide results only for sinusoidal field magnetization. Due to the growing demand of completely new designs for electrical systems to fulfill the future requirements in efficiency and carbon neutral demands this standard measurements are not able to deliver the data needed. Therefore it is necessary to develop and manufacture a high performance magnetic materials characterization setup to measure the magnetic properties (mainly: losses, permeability, remanence, saturation, coercive field, etc.) with the necessary flexibility to accommodate aerospace motor requirements.

The equipment will characterize magnetic materials in terms of B-H characteristics and losses of the soft and hard materials being used within the electrical machines developed for the future needs, to handle soft and hard magnetic materials used for high performance electrical machines.

For the optimization of high performance aerospace applications the setup has to generate, beside the standard measurements on hard and soft magnetic materials the following test results:
Magnetic properties at high excitation frequencies
Magnetic properties at pulse width excitation
Magnetic properties at wave form excitation with higher harmonic content
Magnetic properties at free wave form excitation
Characterization of the magnetic properties under rotational flux vector conditions
Characterization of the magnetic material using finished product shape (nonstandard sample shape)"

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