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Dynamics, noise, and coupling in gene circuit modules

Final Report Summary - COUPLED GENE CIRCUIT (Dynamics, noise, and coupling in gene circuit modules)

In this project we examined how cells can robustly integrate signals from multiple dynamic genetic circuits We addressed the following questions:
1) What types of dynamic signal encoding strategies are available for the cell?
2) What are the benefits of dynamic gene activation, whether stochastic or oscillatory, to the cell?
3) How do cells couple and integrate output from diverse gene modules despite the noise and variability observed in gene circuit dynamics?

We have succeeded in our aims, revealing new insights into the regulatory dynamics and function of alternative sigma factor circuits (Park et al., Cell Systems 2018, Patange et al, Nature Communications 2018), as well as revealing how the deterministic circadian clock in Cyanobacteria can robustly couple to other pathways to generate modulated output dynamics (Martins et al, MSB 2016, Martins et al, PNAS 2018). Our work has revealed new design principles for the coupling of dynamic gene circuits in cells.