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Partial Discharge Management In Compact Insulation Systems


"This project aims to develop a clear methodology for the management of partial discharge in wound components (such as machines, brakes, actuators, solenoids) and connecting components (connectors and cables) used in aerospace systems in low pressure environments. Partial discharge is difficult to detect but can have a signfiicant impact on the lifetime of electrical systems. As such elimination of partial discharge is preferable and while this can be assessed in new insulation systems, no guidelines exist to help select test voltage requirements when ageing of insulation over the lifetime of the component is accounted for. Partial discharge elimination is not, however, always possible owing to the impact that increased insulation thicknesses can have on the volume of a component. As such partial discharge may have to be managed in a component subject to significant environmental stress throughout its lifetime.

The project will deliver clear guidance on the design of components and the selection of insulation materials in a way that ensures the risk of partial discharge is minimised at the design stage. A significant test programme will then support the development of guidelines for the qualification of wound / connecting components and their test during production."

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United Kingdom

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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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Liz Fay (Ms.)
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€ 361 769,40