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Superconducting Quantum Networks

Final Report Summary - SUPERQUNET (Superconducting Quantum Networks)

Quantum computing is a radically new approach to processing information. It is one of the approaches which has the potential to address the ever-growing need of society, industry and research for computing power. At ETH Zurich, we have designed, realized and tested a first data link, which allows superconducting-circuit-based quantum processors located in different systems to directly exchange quantum information. This link, for a quantum computer, takes the role of a network transferring data between computing nodes located in a high-performance computing data center. However, unlike its conventional counterparts, our data link is operated at ultra-low temperatures, close to the absolute zero. This allows our quantum data link to directly connect to quantum processors operating at the same temperature. The system we have constructed is a first of its kind in the world, is likely to play an important role in growing the power of quantum computers in the future and will enable experiments to test the foundations of quantum physics.