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Non-ordered nanoparticle superstructures – aerogels as efficient (electro-)catalysts

Final Report Summary - AEROCAT (Non-ordered nanoparticle superstructures – aerogels as efficient (electro-)catalysts)

In the center of the research in AEROCAT are so-called aerogels. Those are extremely light weight, highly porous solids which are composed of three-dimensional networks of pearl-necklace-like nanowires. One nanometer is the millionth part of a millimeter, and the densities of the aerogels fabricated within AEROCAT are about one thousand times lighter than the respective bulk material: a car being an aerogel would weigh only about one kilogram instead of one ton! The high porosity and the large inner surface of the aerogels make them ideal candidates for various types of catalysts. Gas phase catalysis are performed on metaloxide/metal materials and electrocatalysis (for example for fuel cells designed for car industry) is studied on both mono- and bi-metallic gels. In both directions superb results have been gained during over five years of the project execution. These results were summarized so far in 44 per reviewed articles in international research journals, numerous talks and posters in international conferences, workshops and open public events.