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3D Reconstruction and Modeling across Different Levels of Abstraction

Final Report Summary - ACROSS (3D Reconstruction and Modeling across Different Levels of Abstraction)

In the ACROSS project, geometry processing algorithms are investigated with the goal to bridge
the gap between raw coordinate-based geometry representations
(i.e. point clouds and unstructured triangle meshes) and high-level structure-based representations
(i.e. patch layouts and procedural models). Significant progress has been made in the area of
(quad) mesh generation and optimization algorithms as well as in the analysis and adaptation
of high-level structures such as feature networks and layouts. A special focus has been put on
algorithms that allow for their integration into interactive software tools and workflows.
This requires very short computation times as well as intuitive control parameters.
Novel methods for the level-of-detail analysis of 3D shapes and their features have been
developed along with robust and highly efficient algorithms for the synthesis of
structure-aware quad meshes and layouts.