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Innovation Relay Centre For Scotland


The objective for the period 2004-08 is for IRC Scotland to involve more Scottish players in the process of transnational technology transfer and transnational technology co-operation . Streamlined project management, strong client focus, a pan-Scottish remit and close collaboration with our IRC colleagues in Europe lend strength to the proposal: Strengths which all support the Specific Programme's action ( "Structuring the ERA " Research and Innovation) which calls for the IRC The objective is heavily underpinned by Scottish Executive's Policy document outlining a Vision for a "Smart Successful Scotland": IRC Scotland is hence also highly pertinent to regional research and innovation needs. The 2 Scottish Regional Development Agencies (known as the Enterprise Networks) are key in delivering this Vision. The 2004-08 Workplan focuses on how IRC Scotland will align its services with the Enterprise Networks' innovation, growth and globalisation strategies and integrate into their regional and local business support systems: IRC Scotland will provide its services in synergy with national and regional support structures. The Workplan will be delivered through 3 integrated Workpackages. The first addresses the delivery of services which stimulate, encourage and support the trans European commercialisation of technologies, research and innovation. It looks at the intermeshing of these services with complementary EU networks and with regional/national service providers. The second focuses on effective collaborative working within the IRC network, contributing to overall quality, and underpinning its trans European-remit and unique strength. The third concentrates on efficient streamlined management, the quality and client focus of IRC Scotland services, and its strategic marketing and positioning in Scotland and Europe. IRC Scotland will provide services across Scotland and will be supported by the Enterprise Networks.

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