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Motorcycle and motorcyclist safety


The main aim of the present proposal is to create a highly qualified training environment for early stage researchers, who want to develop their career in the sector of road safety, with a special focus on the fast growing area of motorcycle and motorcyclist safety. In this way the project would contribute to the overall objectives of the EU to structure the ERA and to make the EU the world's most dynamic and competitive economy (Lisbon Strategy).

In a scientific perspective the aim is to train researchers that can contribute to the continuous enhancement of safety systems applied to the sector of motorcycles, more generally of Powered Two Wheelers (PTWs), and their drivers. The great relevance of this topic is demonstrated by the statistics, which indicate the PTWs as the most dangerous vehicle (13.8 deaths per 100 million person km ¿ETSC2003¿). PTWs and motorcyclist safety have specific requirements, which derive from the exposure of the driver to the environment and from a more pronounced driver-vehicle interaction. Thus an increase in safety cannot be obtained only with a transposition of devices developed in other sectors (i.e. automotive).

A specifically trained researcher has to develop multidisciplinary skills in the areas of motorcycle, personal protective equipment design, and infrastructure, which in turn require knowledge of virtual testing procedures and software, material modelling, biomechanics. These skills will be developed exploiting the different competences and fields of expertise of the partners. The consortium consists of 5 universities, 3 research centres and 4 companies.

Four main topics will be addressed:
1) accident dynamics,
2) integrated safety,
3) personal protective equipment,
4) biomechanics.

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