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Significant efforts are being directed towards the minimisation, management and disposal of highly radioactive nuclear waste. Differnt concepts involving critical (fast) reactors or subcritical accelerator-driven system(ADS) will be studied in view of their transmutation capabilities. These design studies imply high demands on the underlying nuclear database, especially for the design of suitable fast reactor systems and ADS based on spallation neutron sources. The accurate knowledge of neutron and proton induced nuclear reactions in the fast, intermediate and high energy domains is of crucial importance for predicting the capabilities of reducing the inventory of plutonium, minor actinides and long-lived fssion products. In the past, this energy domain was not investigated with high priority because of minor importance for conventional light water reactors. An additional challenge is the tightening demand on the accuracy of the data, especially for assessing criticality safety aspects and designing fuels for very high burn-up. The project aims at networking experimental facilities in Europe for nuclear data measurements providing a platform for better co-operation. The objective is to provide adequate transnatuonal access to the infrastructures and to co-ordinate joint research projects and S-T developments in support to other projects in the NUWASTE-2 programme. The education and training aspects will be handled in interaction with universities, research organisations and industry. The consortium will seek sponsorships for PhD grants and for organising Summer Schools together with other related projects.

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