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Students grants for RAPHAEL EUROCOURSE


The dissemination of knowledge from research projects to students and young engineers is one of the key points of the education and training activities in the 6th framework programme projects. Within the RAPHAEL project (contract number: 516508) the organisation of a EUROCOURSE has been selected as the appropriate tool for "Education and Training" activities.

A EUROCOURSE is also planed in the proposed PUMA project. Because of the strong links between the two projects it is planed to combine both courses. To put students in the position to participate in the EUROCOURSE it will be necessary to refund at least part of their expenses for travel and accommodation. So we ask the commission for grants to fund students who are participating in the EUROCOURSE.

The course itself will be organised by the RAPHAEL project (contract number: 516508) in conjunction with the PUMA project. Concerning the academia, the main partner of the "Education and Training" activities in RAPHAEL is the European Nuclear Education Network association (ENEN), but also students from other universities and research centres will be invited to attend the EUROCOURSE. This project should be regarded as supplement to the "Education and Training" activities of both projects, so only the organisational tasks of student registration and grant distribution are part of this project.

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