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Enhancing theory and methods in European Ethnoecology

Final Activity Report Summary - ETHNOECOLOGY LAB (Enhancing Theory and Methods in European Ethnoecology)

Ethnoecology, with its multidisciplinary approach to understand how humans in different settings interrelate with the environment, is well positioned to study today's most pressing social and environmental problems. Ethnoecology is a rapidly-growing field of research, gaining recognition from professionals, students, researchers, and the public. This project has contributed to the development of ethnoecology in Europe by setting up an Ethnoecology Laboratory at the Institute for Environmental Sciences and Technology (ICTA) at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB).

The activities of the Ethnoecology Laboratory include:
1) seminars in ethnoecology;
2) field courses on methods in ethnoecology;
3) international research projects offering fieldwork possibilities to students;
4) internships in local and international NGOs and research centres; and
5) a monthly seminar to discuss proposals and findings.

Through offering new courses, linking expertise across disciplines, and providing hands-on training of students, the activities of the laboratory tackle the three hurdles that have prevented the development of ethnoecology in Europe: the brain drain of European students and professionals, the parochialism of standard graduate training in ethnoecology, and the absence of mentoring on how to collect data in the field.