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Numerical modelling of failure development within TBC systems


The scientific objective of the project is a development of new methods for a prediction of service life times of a single crystal Ni-based super-alloy used in the design of heavy industrial gas turbines. Under operation conditions turbine blades experience complex loading, combined with the existence of residual stresses and oxidation processes. The improvements in increasing the efficiency of gas turbines have been partially achieved by applying thermal barrier coatings (TBCs) on turbine blades. However, the mechanisms leading to failure and the parameters limiting coating lifetime have not been fully revealed so far. Finite element simulations of failure development within TBCs will be performed. They are aimed to be a continuation of works performed by Dr Bialas during his Marie Curie Intra-Fellowship in the Research Centre Juelich (FZJ).

In this context the project's goal is also to further promote an on-going co-operation between FZJ and the Institute of Fundamental Technological Research (IFTR), Warsa w, dr Bialas' mother institution in Poland. The project will enable an interdisciplinary co-operation between theoretically oriented structural mechanics and the experimentally oriented materials science at FZJ and thus, contribute to an increase of scientific excellence in Europe. It will also help to create a group of researchers at IFTR working with thin films technologies and to adapt the methods learned by Dr Bialas during his fellowship to other engineering topics, which are generally connected to interfacial damage problems. Mechanical modelling of constituents of TBC systems will be performed with the main goal of a further development of the TBC failure model based on the cohesive zone concept. Anisotropic and time dependent mechanical response of C MSX-4 Ni-based super-alloy and its influence on stress distribution within TBC will be a major scientific objective. The technology of cooling holes will be also addressed.

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