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Quantum Information and Applications to communication, cryptography and classical computer science


Quantum computation studies how information is encoded and processed in quantum mechanical systems. Its goal is to understand the inherent computational power of nature and although it is a rather new research area, there have already been numerous exciting results, including the algorithms for factoring and unconditionally secure key distribution. The study of the power and limitations of quantum computation is an interdisciplinary research area that lies on the boundary of computer science, physics, mathematics and brings together powerful theories and methodologies.

Our scientific project will focus on the further study of quantum information and its numerous applications to classical computer science, communication and cryptography. Over the last couple of years the field of quantum information theory has developed increasing connections to other areas of theoretical computer science. Our result on Locally Decodable Codes was the first example of a classical result that uses quantum techniques in an essential way and since then, there has been an increasingly rich set of results that strengthens the relation between quantum and classical computation. We find these connections extremely promising and we would like to further investigate them. Second, we would like to continue investigating the relative power of classical and quantum information by looking at the model of communication complexity.

Communication complexity has applications to VLSI circuits, data structures, automata and other areas of computer science and its study is essential towards a better understanding of the notion of information. The third axis of our research project concerns the area of quantum cryptography, which has been tested in practice very successfully. Our research goal is the study of theoretical quantum cryptography as well as collaborate with experimentalists on practical issues that arise in the laboratory.

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