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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Pharmacodiagnostics for prediction of breast cancer treatment


Pharmacodiagnostics is an emerging discipline with a major potential for improving future clinical care. The principle behind pharmacodiagnostic is the linkage between the knowledge of treatment outcome and the underlying molecular alteration. The recent development of Herceptin, targeting the HER2 oncoprotein in breast cancer, has demonstrated a close relationship between the molecular alteration and clinical response. The success of this novel targeted cancer treatment has depended absolutely upon the development of appropriate pharmacodiagnostic test to identify those patients, who are most likely to benefit from the linked treatment.

Dako is a company at the forefront of developing pharmacodiagnostic tests as evidenced by their strong involvement in re search within ER, HER2 and TOP2A. Dr. Kirkegaard has, during her secondment as a Marie Curie Research Fellow in Dr. Bartlett's research group in Glasgow, obtained an important insight in how to identify, test and validate pharmacodiagnostics in clinical settings. The main objective of the proposed reintegration project is therefore, firstly, to continue the successful collaboration with Dr. Bartlett with the aim to identify and test markers predictive of tamoxifen response in breast cancer patients, and, secondly, to validate novel pharmacodiagnostics for response to chemotherapy in clinical settings.

Successful completion of the proposed reintegration project will considerably add to our understanding of treatment response to well-established chemotherapy and molecular targeted cancer therapies. The potential for the project to foster improved diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer has therefore enormous implications for the European society as far as patient care is concerned.

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