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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Bioethical education on medical progress and human rights, in a multicultural, multidisciplinar and multireligious environment


EDUBIOETHICS will improve the existing educational programs on bioethics between 11 international University teams by providing a multicultural, multidisciplinary and multi-religious approach. Three main topics will be addressed: beginning of life, organ transplantation, and end of life.

We intend to design bioethical education on these issues since they all improve the perception of the biological and ethical concept of human being and its integration with new biotechnologies applied to human body and medical practices. The public targeted are professors, scholars, students and decision makers.

The corpus of EDUBIOETHICS will be built up in 3 workshops during a 18 months period to enrich the partners programs, then disseminated, through an internet site, to others universities, in each country, in their own bioethics programs for scientific and multidisciplinary discussions. Two requirements will be respected in each workshops due to their epistemological importance with the ethical concept of "human being": Justice requirement: Justice is understood in a broad way that includes a theoretical and an empirical perspective: Human Right Declaration, the different conceptions of law, and the social representation of human being (with particular attention to the gender differences).

Intercultural dialogue: culture is also understood in a large sense, which includes: the bioethical dialogue among religions in our secular societies and the responsibility that bear toward present but also future generation. In sharing bioethical knowledge between partners and others European Universities, EDUBIOETHICS program aims to develop dialogue between science and society, through workshops and scientific and multidisciplinary publications, in order to integrate our respective research in the didactic corpus of our academic lectures.

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