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Organ transplantation: Ethical Legal and Psychological aspects. Towards a common European Policy 2007 Conference


Our proposal concerns the organization of a European conference on ethical, legal and psychological aspects of organ transplantation. The aim of the conference is to establish a European platform in order to facilitate a common European policy. This initiative is aimed at ethicists, clinicians, psychologists, lawyers and policy makers in the field of organ transplantation.

The conference will be held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands from 1-4 April 2007. Transplantation medicine is a rapidly evolving science. New technologies and transplantation programs raise questions about the ethical, legal and psychological implications of these developments. In various (new) countries within the European Union, these psychological, legal and ethical aspects are evolving in different ways. Because of this there are opportunities for better cooperation between countries.

On the other hand, important pitfalls emerge, like unequal access to care. The purpose of this conference will therefore be to ensure the exchange of information and ideas between national research groups. A further aim is to establish a permanent international platform in order to formulate European guidelines and stimulate joint research efforts on ethics in organ transplantation.

As non-medical aspects have become more prominent, such platform will help clinicians and policy makers to further optimize the existing organ transplantation programs. Topics to be addressed during the conference are divided into two main categories: living donation and transplantation, and post mortem donation and transplantation.

A topic of interest in living donation is e.g. organ trafficking (commercialization, selling and buying of organs, both within and outside the EU). Topics of interest in post mortem donation include special allocation aspects: the establishment of European collaboration on organ exchange programs for organ allocation to special groups, such as highly immunized and pediatric patients.

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