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Fostering bioethics practices (GBP) among the European biotechnology Industry


The project aims at improving understanding of bioethical issues by using the daily practices of biotechnology companies, to elaborate clear and independant positions based on regularly updated scientific and technological data. It will also contribute to include industry into the dialogue with the largest audiences. The project will involve European biotechnology companies together with Inserm, EuropaBio and France Biotech, which is the initiator of the Project. In this way, the project will privilege a multi-cultural approach of biomedical research and its applications, enriched by the increasing involvemement of the new European states in the biomedical research and their necessity to catch up with European standards. Biotechnology companies understand that their usual responsability to elaborate and anticipate the implications and possible impacts of their practices have to be shared with the very actors of these changes. The four main tasks of the programme are : 1. Survey of daily bioethical practices of targeted European biotechnology companies 2. Presentation of results and organisation of seminars with experts, regulatory agencies and policy-makers, patient organisations in the various countries involved in the project 3. Updating of bioethical guidelines for the industry and recommendations to European legislators 4. Participating in stakeholders meetings and in the public dialogue in the various countries involved in the project The main aim of this programme is not only to propose solutions, but to develop a methodology of approaching ethic issues, mainly bioethics, in order to improve understanding and to develop recommendations. This methodology would apply to European societies in order to tackle the gaps and discrepancies that widen between science and society, between risk and perceived risk, between expected hopes and anticipated hopes.

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