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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Support on Common European Strategy for sustainable natural and induced technological hazards mitigation


Modern society is increasingly characterized by strong interactions between physical, infrastructure and human domains of the environment. Disasters are a critical collision between climatic and geophysical dynamics and are dramatic examples of people living in conflict with their environment. Disaster reduction and resilience are key priorities identified by the EC and the Hyogo Framework for Action. A sustainability framework for natural and technological hazards is of critical importance.

Therefore the main goals of SCENARIO are:
- To develop a European roadmap on sustainable mitigation of natural and induced technological hazards and risks which will support future European research priorities for the 7th framework programme, contribute to European policies on natural hazards, sustain the scientific community by providing a strategic picture and support potential end-users / stakeholders. A European roadmap may inspire a European Strategy for reduction and mitigation of effects by natural and induced technological Disasters and the building of greater resilience;
- To integrate fragmented research approaches, concepts and results by incorporating existing experiences on natural disaster projects and initiatives at European level, including important nation al and international initiatives;
- To assess and reorganise the Logic Value Chain of natural disasters through updating knowledge and state of the art on natural disaster prevention and mitigation in the context of modified societal and environmental features.

In order to reach the objectives, SCENARIO will set up a networking process among existing projects and activities dealing with natural disasters with several workshops and meetings for knowledge sharing and dissemination. SCENARIO fits with Europe' s goals regarding sustainable development in supporting environmental policies by defining a European roadmap on sustainable mitigation of natural and induced technological hazards and risks.

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