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SEismic and tsunami risk Assessment and mitigation scenarios in the western HELLenic ARC


The western part of the Hellenic Arc, between Pirgos and Pylos, western Peloponnese, has been repeatedly affected by large magnitude earthquakes that have caused severe destruction and human loss. Some of the largest regional tsunamis in the Mediterranean Sea have also been reported in association with large earthquakes, affecting remote coastal areas, whereas many other earthquakes have caused local but strong tsunami waves.

This part of Greece, with its extensive coastal zones, is economically important for its touristic and agriculture activities. Despite the significant progress in construction and earthquake engineering standards, the population growth and extensive urbanization have caused the risk from earthquakes to increase significantly during the recent years. Also a large number of the existing buildings were constructed before the introduction of Greece's first building code of 1959, and are therefore very vulnerable.

This situation requires urgent solutions for an effective risk management and mitigation plan. AIM of this proposal is to establish a real-time on/offshore network for simultaneous seismic and tsunami observations in the coastal zones of western Peloponnese. We will consider onshore/offshore observations and integrate offshore real-time data transmission stations in the permanent seismograph network of Greece. Such technology is still missing in Greece or elsewhere in the Mediterranean countries.

By observing seismicity in real-time, early warning scenarios will be considered and their possible application will be proposed to local authorities. As a final step, we will provide a pilot study for Pylos and create a GIS database for seismic and tsunami risk and mitigation scenarios.

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