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Safety improved with a new concept by better awareness on airport approach domain


SINBAD aims to perform the proof of application of a new concept, intended to improve aircraft safety and security at airport approach to 2010 horizon. Collision avoidance is currently ensured jointly by the Air Traffic Management System (ATMS),and the Airborne Collision Avoidance System. Both systems actually are ineffective against the risk of accidental or hostile collision by non cooperative small or low flying aircraft.

The main targets of SINBAD to overcome these limitations are: -to improve drastically the capability of the ATMS to monitor such non cooperative aircraft, using a breakthrough low cost sensor technology, the Primary Multilateration System (PMS), -to support controllers by providing them with an Active Hazard Assessment (AHA) capability, allowing them in case of confirmed danger to quickly alert the adequate authorities and if needed to the relevant airliners.

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