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Multiparameter sensing for high sensitivity diagnostics using fluorescent and magnetic nanoparticles


The objective of FLUOROMAG will be to
(a) produce noble metal nanoclusters or nanodots, (NDs), and core-shell (CSs) nanoparticles by a new method using controlled electrochemical techniques that ensure very uniform size distributions and transfer of this technology to a dedicated SME who will scale up the synthesis of these nanoparticles for commercial production as well as supply the consortium with NPs for characterization of their extinction, fluorescent and magnetic properties and the further development of diagnostic tests.
(b) devise conjugation strategies to couple biomolecules to noble metal NDs and commercially available quantum dots, (QDs) to produce probes that can specifically target macromolecules such as proteins and DNA/RNA in vitro and in cells and tissues. We will take advantage of ND electrochemical synthesis to introduce specific molecules in the shells that permit efficient derivatization and coupling to biomolecules.
(c) develop multiparametric diagnostic assays using combinations of bioconjugated QDs and noble metal NDs as novel, fluorescent probes, and bioconjugated noble metal nanoparticles as extinction probes. The goal is to achieve high sensitivity (down to single virus detection) in molecular and cellular recognition. New Hepatitis C, Dengue Fever and breast tumor assays are proposed that will monitor several antigens in multiplexed kinetic and end-point determinations.
(d) develop a commercial, low-cost programmable array microscope (PAM) module for wide field microscopes with SME partner which utilizes a spatial light modulator to achieve high-speed sectioning and simultaneous measurement of multiple fluorescence modalities as a detection system for single and multiplexed diagnostic assays using nanoparticles developed in a-c for the health-care market.

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