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BOOST collaboration of SME and academia by initiating RTD consortia in the cross- disciplinary field of BIOSYSTEMS technologies and network the players for a thematic cluster in the ScanBalt BioRegion


Problem solutions in modern biotechnology and medicine require increased interfacing of biology with microsystems components, creating hybrid systems. This is defined as Biosystems technologies. Micro technological systems have an enormous potential in biomedicine; introducing miniaturised processes to biotechnological applications range from bio- chip technology for diagnostics, cell-chip technology for drug development up to portable applications for point of care analyses. Biosystems industry supplies, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical laboratories and clinicians with enabling technologies, instruments and consumables for drug discovery research, diagnostics and therapeutics. To add value to this cross-disciplinary field, transregional competences from the biotech- and the microsystems sectors, both from academic and industrial players, must be joined to create innovations out of a critical mass.

SMEs are key actors in this value chain as motors of innovation but often lack the necessary academic and industrial partners for this interdisciplinary approach. BOOST BIOSYSTEMS constitutes an integrated set of support actions for breaking intersectoral barriers, networking and the promotion of RTD collaboration between SMEs and academia. They will be approached on a regional level, learning about the potentials of biosystems technologies and the instruments of EU RTD programs.

On trans- national level, we will boost the SME's competitiveness through partner matching for EU RTD projects. Industry site visits and first hand information of clinical demands will support this by introducing the potential of industry and RTD consortia to unmet medical needs. 6 partners cooperate in BOOST BIOSYSTEMS, all intermediates within the ScanBalt Region. BOOST BIOSYSTEMS will be closely linked to ScanBalt activities, thus putting emphasis on NMS potentials, attaining critical mass of all players within the Baltic sea region and building up to a new thematic cluster.

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