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Technology of compost production from sewage sludge with reduction of ammonia emission and heavy metal content


Agricultural utilization of sewage sludge - as a high value manure- seems to be one of the best manners of its implementation. However compost production from sewage sludge carries two serious dangers: high heavy metals (HM) content (if sewage sludge come from industrialized areas) and high ammonia emission during the composting process. These two factors limit the possibilities of the most ecological way of sewage sludge utilization i.e. usage as a fertilizer in agriculture. Research in the last years has shown little data regarding the ammonia abatement from sludge composting processes. Data on HM remediation from sewage sludge' contrary to soils remediation - is almost non-existing in the scientific literature. Main goal of the project is to make sew age sludge available as an ecologically friendly fertilizer to be used in agriculture.

This is done by:
- removal of HM;
- decreasing ammonia emission during processing.

The project methods comprises an execution of two research tasks:
- development of method for removal of HM from sewage sludge based on the preceding experiments with liquid manure electroremediation made by the Fellow at the Wageningen University in the framework of MC EIF;
- laboratory experiments on the ammonia emission using the reactor for HM removal and an advanced bioreactor for modelling of composting of organic waste; these experiments will be based on the experiences of the Fellow developed during the project of estimation of ammonia emissions in different technologies of manure management leading by him in 2001-3 and training in 2004-5 at Wageningen University and Research which is one of the European centres in the field of ammonia measurement and abatement technologies. It is envisioned that the realization of the project will le ad to a significant decrease in environmental contamination.

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