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Jets in AGNs: Multifrequency observations and numerical modelling


A joint observational and theoretical effort will be performed within this project to improve the present knowledge of the accretion systems in super-massive black holes (SMBH) in active galactic nuclei (AGN) and their resulting relativistic jets of magnetized plasma. The proposed objectives will pay special attention to some of the most fundamental unknowns of these astrophysical objects: the spin of the SMBH, the density profile of the accretion disks, the magneto-hydrodynamics of the high energy plasmas forming the jets, their radiation mechanisms along all the electromagnetic spectrum (from radio wavelengths to gamma-ray energies) and the fundamental problem of high energy particle acceleration.

The general methodology to be applied will be based on the combination of both state-of-the art numerical simulations and multi-spectral range coordinated campaigns of astronomical observations at the greatest possible angular resolutions. The simulations will allow us the interpretation of the nature of jets by the comparison with observations. Additionally, observations will allow obtaining better estimations of the relevant physical parameters to perform new and more realistic simulations. This iterative process will contribute to obtain more sophisticated models for the nature of extragalactic relativistic jets and their triggering regions (the accretion systems).

The development of the proposed project will not only largely contribute to the development of a new research line (the simulation of relativistic emission from radio to gamma-rays) but also to the scientific and technical maturity of the proposer and to his re-integration into the institute in which he started his scientific career. The Host Institution is located in Andalucía (Spain); a less-favoured region of the EC.

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