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Content archived on 2024-06-18

A knowledge base for intermodal passenger travel in Europe

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Journeys are often undertaken by car or airplane in cases where reasonable modal alternatives exist - for a journey's major stages. Reasons for such modal choices are in many cases the lack of integration of transport modes or the limited abilities of individuals to combine different modes by themselves. Additionally transport operators have only limited information about the market potentials for integrated transport services. Significant deficiencies still exist in the knowledge about current and potential intermodal demand and supply. The main objective of the KITE project was the provision of a knowledge base on intermodal travel in Europe. This knowledge base would comprise all relevant information about passenger intermodality, can easily be accessed and allows stakeholders to develop and evaluate intermodality-related measures. It will allow to integrate and to disseminate currently existing and future information and data. The project started with a compilation and structuring of the state of the art in passenger intermodality and identifies the gaps to be filled. An analysis of existing statistics and surveys gave insight in existing and latent market potentials. Another project part developed a strategic approach for the collection of intermodal survey data. The analyses of user needs and implementational requirements concerning interchange points as well as information and ticketing services provided a catalogue of measures to foster passenger intermodality. A tailor-made cost-benefit analysis (CBA)-technique allowed to assess intermodal measures and strategies. Finally all collected information were combined in a well-designed knowledge base structure that eases the use, search, update and completion of relevant details. It covers information about user abilities, attitudes and requirements, recommendations for standards regarding intermodal services, information/ticketing and interfaces, as well as a best-options collection in intermodality. Kitewiki was created in the KITE project and is a web-based informational source that consists of explicit knowledge about intermodal travel including definitions, publications, research projects, white papers, user manuals, guidelines, standards, best practice examples, demand figures and other issues in this field. The KiteWiki knowledge base is freely accessible and allows to publish and to disseminate currently existing and future information and data. It can be found at:

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