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Coordination Action towards stable and low-cost organic solar cell technologies and their application


One can observe a strongly increasing R&D-effort in the domain of solar cells based on organic layers. In order to have a real impact on the PV-market, additional progress is needed on the level of efficiency, stability and application technologies to allow also the application of these solar cell technologies for power generation on a larger scale.

The OrgaPvNet coordination action consortium wants to foster necessary progress on these issues by integrating a number of leading institutions in this field in association with the main industrial players entering this field. We believe that a Coordination Action is an appropriate vehicle by which the isolated competences that exist around Europe in this field can be integrated, structured and organised. In this way a powerful Organic Photovoltaic Plateform will be created that can sustain the leading R#Amp;amp;D-position of Europe within this domain and in the end strengthen European competitiveness in a sector which is of high strategic relevance in ensuring a sustainable energy supply.

Key actions to reach the above-mentioned objectives are:
i) to promote interaction between scientists,
ii) to take advantage of the previous experience of research groups,
iii) to join forces to maximize the synergy between individual skills, thus obtaining the best achievable global results, and
iv) to provide an appropriate communication channel between academic groups, SMEs and industrials.

OrgaPvNet will contribute to this by:
a) the exchange of information during the workshops organized by the network,
b) scientific exchange between partners by research visits of scientist and student grants,
c) Set-up of a web-based database containing news, resources, project results, reports, links, seminars, training, courses, job opportunities, grants,
d) Elaboration of a "Who is Who" Guide in organic photovoltaic field,
e) Elaboration of the European Organic Photovoltaic Roadmap: identification of scientific priority areas

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