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Content archived on 2024-05-29

NextGenCell - The next generation of stationary fuel cells


Designed as a joint EU and US collaborative effort in the framework of the EU-US Cooperation Agreement on fuel cells, NextGenCell aims to bring domestic fuel cell microCHP (1-5kWel) next step towards commercialisation. In FP5 Vaillant, Plug Power, and othe r European partners have demonstrated low temperature PEM fuel cell microCHP systems.

Three major hurdles were identified:
1. Costs must be reduced significantly,
2. Reliability must be improved via system simplification,
3. System temperature must be increased.

High Temperature (HT) PEM MEA technology at 160-180°C has the potential to overcome those hurdles. R&D on MEA, Fuel Cell System, components development and integration will lead to a developed and tested 1-5kW HT PEM fuel cell prototype microCH P system with modular design for global markets.

Specific objectives relevant to TP 6.1 at production volumes are:

1. Total system costs < 400 EUR/kW:
- Significant system simplification (no CO clean-up and water management)
- Increase mechanical stability of MEA
- Reduction of system costs (e.g. of Balance of Plant, fuel processor, maintenance/recycling) and low cost bi-directional inverter development

2. Modular system design:
- modular system design for different market applications (CHP and future tri-generation)
- Increase electrical efficiency up to 35% with 85% total efficiency

3. Durability > 40.000 hours:
- MEA Development with more stable cathode material and corrosion
-resistant cathodes

4. Electronic control systems for optimal heat and power management and reduced costs;
- CHP hydraulics concept Development (system scalability 1-5kW)
- Embedded controller with 70% less cost
- microCHP Controls optimisation in a Virtual Power Plant

The team is based on strong industrial and scientifically partnership, includes a SME and participants from Acceding Country Bulgaria and Slovenia as one of the new member states. Five participants have expressed to join the Joint Technology Platform (JTI)

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