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CO2 capture using amine processes: International cooperation and exchange


The overall objective of CAPRICE is international cooperation and exchange in the area of CO2-capture using amine processes with the long-term aim to contribute to the implementation of these technologies on a large scale. Post-combustion capture using amine processes is generally considered to be the leading capture technology and will be implemented first.

The overall objective is to be achieved through cooperation between a core-team from the on-going CASTOR Integrated Project and a Canadian consortium linked to the International Test Centre on CO2-capture at the University of Regina in Canada. Both projects are recognised by the Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum (CSLF). In addition to these leading academic institutions from Russia, China and Brazil will join this research cooperation.

The detailed technical project objectives are:
- Benchmarking and validation of amine processes
- Membrane contactor performance validation
- Development of tools for integration into power plants

Important project deliverables are:
- Standardisation of descriptive models for amine processes, components and testing procedures,
- Evaluation of performance of different membrane contactors under realistic conditions,
- Ready to use tools for integration of amine capture technology with power plants,
- Definition of joint CO2 capture experiments,
- Preparing the ground for a large scale post-combustion CO2-capture demo-plant,
- Sharing of global resources to develop post-combustion CO2-capture,
- Greatly improved understanding of amine processes for post-combustion CO2-capture in different environments around the globe, thus facilitating the technology implementation and scale-up,
- Contributing to the CSLF objectives from the EU and Canada through concrete cooperation,
- Extension of the stakeholder involvement in CO2-capture technologies to CSLF members Russia, China and Brazil.

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