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Cosmological challenges in theories of extra dimensions


The conjecture that there exist in nature extra (i.e. more than four) dimensions, is well motivated theoretically and promises surprising experimental signatures when the extra dimensions and quot;open up and quot;. Liberating our universe from four dimensions, offers new perspectives to long-standing problems of high-energy physics and cosmology. My research project will focus on three areas of interest in the cosmology of extra dimensions. Firstly, I will study the explanation of the smallness of the vacuum energy of the Universe (i.e. the cosmological constant problem) through extra dimensional theories. Secondly, I will study the cosmology of the moduli fields, corresponding to the sizes and shapes of the extra dimensions, mostly in relation with their stabilization. Thirdly, I will study the extra dimensional models, which predict modifications of gravity at large distances, as an alternative to the dark energy paradigm. In the above studies I will work on the theoretical consistency of the theories and propose possible observational signals.

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